For almost 70 years, MI-DEL has been satisfying the appetites of small and big kids alike who want cookies that SIMPLY TASTE DELICIOUS!

MI-DEL’s story began in the 1940s when Samuel Midel sought to provide his family simple, wholesome, great-tasting cookies. MI-DEL satisfies the appetites of people like you who want quality snack products that taste delicious. MI-DEL’s unique taste and crunch comes from a combination of the original MI-DEL recipe and modern bakery methods that allows us to create “better for you” products that address dietary restrictions of some of our consumers without giving up a yummy inch of taste.

MI-DEL is a pioneer in the gluten-free segment and its expansion into the baking category with Gluten-Free Pie Crusts was a natural development for the brand. MI-DEL Pie Crusts are the ONLY comprehensive Allergen Safe, Non-GMO Verified, Shelf-Stable Graham-style pie crust offering in the marketplace.

Over the years, MI-DEL has added cookie varieties and categories to its line but our founder’s vision remains the same – delivering wholesome, great-tasting cookies and pie crusts your whole family can enjoy!